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Duration: Jan 2016 — Dec 2018

The elastic Wireless Networking Experimentation (eWINE) is a research project funded by the European Comission under the Horizon2020 programme (Call: H2020-ICT-2015. Topic: ICT-12-2015). The main goal of eWINE is to realize elastic networks that can scale to a high number of users in a short timespan through the use of an agile infrastructure (intelligent software and flexible hardware), enabling: 1) dynamic on-demand end-to-end wireless connectivity service provisioning, 2) elastic resource sharing in dense heterogeneous and small cell networks (HetSNets), 3) intelligent and informed configuration of the physical layer.

Our role: Development and verification of algorithms for advanced cognitive networks based on experimentally-driven research. Investigation of radio localization procedures and radio spectrum detection and sharing. Studying the use of machine learning algorithms for heterogeneous wireless network optimization with the emphasis on parameters such as communication reliability, throughput and delay.