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Matevz Vucnik, Carolina Fortuna, Maria Porcius, Miha Mohorcic
Demo: WSN testbed for lighting control and environmental monitoring
NEWCOM++ / COST 2100 Joint Workshop on Wireless Communications

This paper introduces a new outdoor testbed for wireless sensor networks (WSN) which gathers data from the environment. The testbed currently consists of 25 sensor nodes attached to public light poles that control the LED lights and measure temperature, humidity, pressure, luminance and battery voltage. The demonstration represents a scaled-down testbed focusing on two out of the three functional blocks of such a testbed: the network of sensors and the middleware. The testbed and the demonstration are based on Versatile Sensor Node (VSN) which is a fully modular WSN platform featuring a custom power supply solution for the constraints of the environment. The data is gathered, processed, stored and exposed by the middleware which is designed to separate meta-data from the data in order to allow efficient use of semantic and data mining technologies.

Topic: hardware
Type: demo
Keywords: Middleware, sensor node, testbed, VSN



Our paper "Trends in the devlopment of communication networks: Cognitive networks" is the 10th among the 25th most cited articles published since 2009, extracted from Scopus, see all on the Elsevier web site.

Check the "Cognitive radio experimentation with VESNA platform" presentation by Miha Smolnikar at the School on Applications of Open Spectrum and White Spaces Technologies.

We are looking for a C programmers that would join the team developing the VESNA platform. Candidates that have previous experience with electronic circuit design, operating systems or open source projects will have priority.

Together with industrial partners we are working on advanced control of ventilation system with heat recuperation. Read more in Slovenian.

The CFP for the Web of Things workshop is out. Consider submitting a paper.

Check the CREW stand at FIA FIRE in Dublin!

Carolina Fortuna successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled Dynamic Composition of Communication Services.

The CREW OC2 project CREW-TV (Feb. 1 2013 - March 31 2014) focuses on the experimental coexistence in TV bands and will involve the LOG-a-TEC testbed where also the final demonstration will be given. 

Tomaz talks about the CREW training days on his blog.

The CREW OC2 project CREW-TV will involve the LOG-a-TEC testbed. 

Zoltan Padrah successfully defended his MSc thesis entitled Distributed Spectrum Sensing in Unlicensed Bands Using the VESNA Platform

The Absolute project has had the kick-off meeting in October 2012.

The CITI-SENSE project has had the kick-off meeting in October 2012.

Tomaž talked about VESNA and Cognitive radio in Kibepipa (talk in Slovenian).

Join us at the CREW training days! Program available here.

Check our github to see what we've opened up!

One of the many aplications we use VESNA for is spectrum sensing. Read more about it!


We are constantly open for talented, open minded and hard working undergraduate students, interns and MSc/PhD candidates. Read more.

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